Our Beers

Jason Chavez, owner and master brewer, creates a full spectrum of beers – from a light blonde ale (perfect for those new to craft beers) to a robust bourbon barrel stout for the dark beer aficionado. For a detailed description of our beers, read on …

Irish Donkey

A light in color, full bodied ale brewed with Malting Company of Ireland Pale Ale Malt, Weyermann Munich malt and Simpson’s Maris Otter. This brew is “First Wort Hopped” with locally grown Nugget hops. The flavor and aroma hops are an experimental variety simply known as 04190.

IBU’s 66.75


The beer you’ve been waiting for, now everyone can “Drink Responsibly”. This is a light colored beer with a toasty biscuit flavor finished with a hint of caramel provided by Weyermann Carablond malt. We added a little malted white wheat for flavor and head stability. Bittering hops are Warrior, Flavor hops are the citrusy Cascade hop and aroma is the experimental hop 04190

IBU’s 52

Clan McPherson

Named for our friend Sgt. Don McPherson of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office and a member of the Army National Guard that went overseas two times before retiring from the guard. This is a Scottish 80 schilling beer. Scotland used to tax the brewer by the amount of sugar they made in their wort, a beer of this strength was taxed at 80 schillings.

Brewed with Simpson’s Golden Promise malt, a malt that is grown in Scotland, crystal  60 and roasted barley for some complexity. This is also a single hopped beer using US Golding.

IBU’s 54.2

Platinum Blond

This beer is brewed with 3 different malts, domestic pale ale malt, Weyermann Munich malt, and english Maris Otter malt. We are a little lighter on the hop bitterness here with Chinook as the “First Wort” bittering hop, and Glacier providing the flavor and aroma.

IBU’s 35.2

Pride n’ Joy IPA

Our interpretation of a “West Coast IPA”. Named after an assistant brewer who wrote the original recipe. This beer has pale ale malt, english Maris Otter, munich and crystal 60 malt. 60 minute hops are Warrior followed by Cascade, CTZ, and Chinook for flavor. Cascade hops are used for aroma at knock out. This is a big bold IPA, but don’t be afraid, it’s very easy to drink.

IBU’s 95

Black Fedora

A beer named after the brewer’s favorite ”Blue’s Hat”. Black Fedora is an IPA of a little lighter style. Darkened with Breiss Midnight Wheat malt, the grist bill also includes pale ale malt, munich malt and white wheat malt. Hops in this beer include CTZ for bitterness and Target for flavor and aroma.

IBU’s 65.5

Kelsey Creek Pale Ale

This is our pale that is bittered with locally grown hops.All the hops in this beer are  grown in Clearlake at Hops-Meister. This brew is made with domestic pale ale malt, malted white wheat, munich and crystal 60 malt. Bitterness is achieved with Nugget at “First Wort”. Flavor and aroma hops are “Ivanhoe”, a California Cluster named after Ivan Lubich. Ivan is a long time Scotts Valley resident who discovered the rhizomes growing along a creek.

IBU’s 85.5

Night of the New Moon Stout,  American Stout

“Dark as the inside of a cow”, as someone soon to be famous once said. This beer has our largest grist bill. Malts included: Malting Company of Ireland Stout malt, crystal   120, roasted barley, chocolate malt, black malt, and about 2% rolled oats.

Hops are Glacier and US Golding added at “First Wort” to avoid any hop harshness. Check out our logo painting over the t-shirt section. It was painted entirely with our stout.

IBU’s 49.2